Even if you’ve never found love amid the dew of a dive bar, Mt. Joy‘s new generational anthem will make you feel like you have. With songs like “Lemon Tree” and “Evergreen” paving the way, “Bathroom Light” had a mountain to climb–but it certainly did not fall short. The Philadelphia-based quintet solidified their spot in the top 20 once again with a song that requires you to reflect rather than groove. Behind a lullaby of earthly, grunge-filled plucks, lead singer Matt Quinn stirs in the stigma that comes with the digital age of communication–allegedly stunting our ability to love. Regarding the track, Quinn told sources that “Bathroom Light is about chasing love however it comes your way.” Although it is the foundation of the song, it stretches far beyond meeting someone at a club.

Album Art/Orange Blood

Fabricating his unique path towards intimacy, Quinn eloquently escorts us to the songs heartbeat. Accompanied by a chorus of tranquility, “You’re breaking the rules just for me,” brings us to the crux and shakes our shoulders until we come through. The rules being broken are unspoken, yet we all find ourselves heeding to the herd. The whole world talks to us at once, pulling apart our confusion and piecing us back together in unison. “My girlfriend and I met on Instagram, and whenever I would explain that to people it made me feel like we did it wrong,” Quinn explained to UDiscoverMusic, adding sustenance to the songs simplicity.

Slowly spilling his agitation regarding online dating, Quinn makes us all feel heard. Giving voice to the idea that if it works for you then tell the world to buzz off, “cause someday, we must return the movies in our brains.” Alluding to the unreachable expectations around where, how, and why we fall in love, these lines articulate the downfall of a serene experience. Bellowing that by the time we’ve dissected the films our time will be up. “We all have crazy stories,” says Quinn, “and for the most part there is just no time to be ashamed of them.”

Stripping the shame from our psyche, the denouement reveals a revelation. “I think I like falling in love in the bar bathroom light,” rings with dignity through the silence of our concerns. Reminding us that no matter how it happens, we all deserve to feel and be love.

Listen to Orange Blood here, out now on all platforms!

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