“Mistake” is a Collaboration that Transcends Genres by Courtney Govan and Laut

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Electronic artist Laut recently teamed up with indie-pop artist Courtney Govan to release an empowering, collaborative track that transcends the individual genres. “Mistake” was written as a way to find closure after being gaslit by someone you love, which is an experience Courtney personally went through. It creates a unique spin on what would normally be feelings of isolation and confusing, ultimately leaving listeners with feelings of optimism and power.

Laut started his musical journey young, writing songs and playing guitar with his triplet brother. After graduating from UC Berkeley and moving to the Bay to work as a consultant, he started learning full-scale music production and has been producing ever since. He hopes to continue to share music that evokes emotion within the EDM genre. Courtney is a queer plus-size pop singer from San Diego whose single, “Serotonin,” went viral on tiktok. Her humanistic and therapeutic approach to songwriting brings a refreshing twist to pop music today. She uses her own life experiences to connect with her listeners on a deeper level.

“Mistake” is teeming with confidence and energy as delicate synths balance Courtney’s commanding vocals. A slow crescendo eases listeners into an electrifying hook. A vibrant production takes over the soundscape as a danceable bassline comes to the forefront to parallel the resounding rise in the vocal performance. Reverbing backing vocals match the bouncing synths and swelling beats through the second verse. A dynamic electric guitar line sneaks underneath the next hook, creating a more colorful atmosphere to close the loop on the empowering track.

“Mistake” brings together distinct elements of indie-pop and EDM to give listeners a final product that is powerful and energetic. It is extremely difficult to walk away from a relationship, particularly one where you have been made to feel less than yourself and like you are the problem, but this track gives listeners a glimpse into what freedom from walking away feels like.

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