Deezer’s Dance & EDM Editor Antoine curated an original playlist that put an electronic spin on Ludwig Van Beethoven’s classics. Fourteen tracks refined with modern production. These DJ’s from across the globe certainly put their creative hats on for this project.  

Mastermind DJ Steve Aoki married “Sonata No. 8” to his style so beautifully. “The Morning Routine” called into question whether Beethoven would’ve produced the same if he entered his prime present day. A fast-paced update to the piano-centric piece. One Aoki picked for good reason.

“…because it spoke to me the most…I knew I could start tinkering…And as I went down that road, it just felt natural.”

-Steve Aoki

Though a popular choice among the assembled DJ’s, Nervo differentiated itself with beats that wove through listeners’ ears like a race car swerving through competitors on the track. Not to mention that cello!  

“We chose the “Moonlight Sonata” because the piano playing is nothing we could ever do. It was such a privilege to be able to work with that, and 132 bpm is great for a dance record and the sample worked well with that! We added the main melody with a cello, which added warmth to the record. We played around with this, we thought we would go harder with a synth sound, but ended coming back to the cello.”


The collaboration between MATTN and Dino Warriors on Beethoven’s 5th came hard and kept punching. The infusion of electronic sounds into this classical piece was accomplished seamlessly.

Sonata No. 1 took a playful twist under the composition of Vladimir Cauchemar. An upbeat, cheeky number to make the listener feel like an attendant atop a coastal cliff party.

Symphony No. 7 was the inspiration for “DJ Ludwig Van” from JB Dunckel. The French musician riveted listeners from start to finish on this remix with all its unexpected turns.  

Viewing Sonata No. 14 through a 1970’s prism, The Magician took listeners out onto the floor under a gleaming, metallic ball. “Disco Odyssey” set the listener into a dance-all-night trance.

French DJ Worakls’ “Tribute to Beethoven’s 9th” not only climbed to such high peaks, but didn’t hesitate to drop the listener into sudden surges of tranquility.

Laser precision fueled Trinix’s ode to “The Tempest”. Vocals that were subtle like the choir heard from outside a church added a moving layer to the piece.

Taking aim at one of Beethoven’s most popular sonatas, Laura Van Dam delivered a hypnotic update In “Moonlight”. A near unrelenting swell that somehow kept elevating above the original work.

Helion’s intro struck quite similarly to Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor before dropping into a thrumming, funky rendition. One that still did justice to the original.

With the abundance of superhero films that continue being developed, Gattuso’s take on Symphony No. 5 would serve as a supervillain’s sinful screen introduction. The artist himself took an entertainment-focused approach to “Drop the 5th”.

“I decided to pick up this melody because I played saxophone for 12, 13 years as a kid, so I knew classical music and Beethoven amongst the other geniuses. When I had the opportunity to take the melody and bring festival vibes into it, it was amazing for me and the result is epic.”


“Moonlight Sonata Festival” washed over listeners with its hard, fast pace. Blasterjaxx put together a song that summoned them onto the nearest dance floor with a lively spring in their step.

Based on Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Mexican DJ Mariana BO’s version will leave your veins pulsating for more. They’ll move in lockstep with the thrilling, dramatic beat for “Sonata”.

Anetha took the core of Beethoven’s style and reworked it into a rave-rocking track that would close out the party right. According to Anetha, 05H33 was no easy task.

“To be honest, it was quite a challenge…and to make this exercise possible, I decided to take some liberties from the original music – I mean a little more than I usually do for remixes – but tried to keep the spleeny vibe.”


Released April 27th, head over to Deezer now for the exclusive playlist. Tied to the site’s Beethoven Recomposed, this fresh playlist is worth the stream. The DJ’s interpreted Ludwig van Beethoven’s compositions with outside-the-box producing. Try not to be stunned.

Beethoven Remixed:

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