Multi-talented Miracle Swill is many things — artist, musician, poet and provocateur. And with their latest single “Vanish Ten Landscapes,” it’s hard to imagine that their many talents will go unnoticed for very long. The track grabs listeners by the ears with the very first riffs, pulling them into a world of shoegaze-y, indie pop goodness. It’s genuinely hard to get “Vanish Ten Landscapes” out of one’s head once it’s gotten in, especially with how many different sections it goes through in its relatively short runtime. It vacillates between having elements of electronica, pop rock, punk, alt rock and everything in-between — almost reminiscent of The Postal Service had they existed beyond one album. Thankfully, Miracle Swill shows no signs of slowing down as they release more music and post more art to delight the senses. And as the band says of this latest track’s meaning and significance:

“The message of the song is about relating to human error and vanity. Imagine there is someone who drives you crazy, or has the worst habits, and then you take a second to see that you have the same faults, and in this way you are alike. The thematic question is, can people monitor and contain their destructive potential? In this case the speaker is admiring or accepting the forces of their own self-sabotage.”

Be sure to check out Miracle Swill on TikTok, Instagram and miracleswill.com.

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