My first Ministry show was on January 21, 1990. It was their ‘The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste’ tour with KMFDM at Decos in Miami Beach. It was a life-changing experience for me and I’ve been a fan ever since. Ministry seems to be one of those bands that just keeps putting out excellent music despite the fact that it’s not easy for a Metal band to maintain musical consistency over 30 plus years.

It took me 5 hours to get to Pensacola, it was the first stop on their most recent tour. A warm-up of sorts before they hit the road with Slayer and Primus. Vinyl Music hall is an excellent venue and I knew the 700+ fans in attendance were going to make this place shake. They started the night off with “Twilight Zone”, heads began to rhythmically not up and down. Al Jorgensen steps out and the crowd erupts! I could feel the chills run down my spine as I began to realize I was now in the presence of greatness.

The set transitioned from mainly new material and finishing up with some of their classics. New songs like Antifa, Victims of a Clown and Amerikkka really resonated with fans during this hot political climate. Al has never shied away from his disgust with this current administration and he certainly let the crowd know.  All political opinions aside, it didn’t really seem to matter what the message was, this set was brutal and amazing!

This could have possibly been the longest set of music I have ever had the privilege of seeing Ministry play. They wound the night down with NWO, Thieves, Burning inside and the ever amazing Supernaut. The great thing about Ministry is their fanbase seems to cover multiple age groups so it was great to see 50-year-olds throwing down in the mosh pit with 20-year-olds. Music has the ability to bring us all together and we were all united under the flag of Ministry this night. Great show! Great band! Make sure to catch them on tour now with Slayer!


Photos and Review by Troy Fisher


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Set List:

Twilight Zone

Victims of a Clown

TV/5/4 Chan

We’re tired of it



Game Over








Burning Inside




No Devotion


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