Following an incredibly successful first performance in Telia Parken with over 800,000 viewers total, Martin Jensen decided to take his live stream concerts to the next level today.

Martin streamed for 4 hours on Twitch from a private airport, casually decorated by two private jets on either side of him and a ring of lights and fire.


Maintaining around 40,000+ viewers throughout the stream, Martin Jensen achieved more than 1,000,000 viewers throughout the entire stream. The set was extremely exciting and clever from beginning to end. What was most impressive about Jensen’s performance was that even though he was performing for an online crowd, he was still able to interact with his audience, which could be seen from the stream’s chat log. Messages were flying across the page as fans cheered on the performance. Fans were also donating throughout the performance with the highest donation coming in at $1,000 from AlexKP_Poker. Right after, Martin dedicated a song to him!

Watch the full live stream replay here.

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About Me, Myself, Online 24 April, 2020:

2 weeks ago, falling on Good Friday in a never-before-seen event, Martin Jensen took his unmistakable sound to play a colossal 5-hour DJ set from the centre of Denmark’s national stadium, Telia Parken in Copenhagen. Where usually the field and surrounding stands see over 40,000 adoring fans descend into the stadium to enjoy sport, Martin DJed solo on the pitch to bring almost 1 million fans dancing around the world an enthralling show aimed at keeping spirits high during these unprecedented times; welcome to ‘Martin Jensen: Me, Myself, Online’!

Harnessing the uniting power of music, Martin has now decided to make this unique livestream event a bi-weekly showcase, where he’ll do pop-up sets in icon, jaw-dropping and off-the-wall locations around Denmark. Today, Friday April 24th, he’ll take-off to descend on Denmark’s Billund Airport to play another extended 4 hour set from one of the airfields cavernous hangars. Surrounded by jets and aircrafts and with a full production set-up to rival his global sell-out shows, Martin’s ‘Me, Myself, Online’ is ready to crank up the altitude and take fans to new heights. #1 global streaming/ gaming platform Twitch have also been confirmed as an initiative partner for these one-off shows to truly bring audiences an immersive, high-quality experience.

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