The “Perfect Timing” for McCall’s Latest Release is Right Now!

We’re admittedly a little late to the party, but on June 1, LA-based musician McCall released her latest track with “Perfect Timing.” “Perfect Timing” is a re-imagination of what a breakup song can be. Instead of emphasizing faults in the relationship or naming flaws in the other party responsible, McCall chooses to focus on the clarity and joy that comes from putting yourself first.

“Perfect Timing,” serving witchy, electro-pop realness, really sets the mood for a dancing-in-your-room-while-trying-on-outfits montage. “Perfect Timing” shines in its ability to capture a nostalgic feel while simultaneously being undeniably the sound of modern indie and electro-pop.

Photo Credit: Ren Shelbourne

McCall both stars in and directed the music video for “Perfect Timing.” On the experience of self-direction, McCall explains that she had “never felt more confident being both the director and editor, and it quickly became the most fulfilling video [she] has ever worked on.” The confidence and passion of the artist’s vision are on full display in the song’s music video, which sees McCall donning a mime outfit as she takes to the streets of Los Angeles.

“Bathe me in light

Leave me in the morning

I’ll be fine

Promised I would never waste my time

Tryna get it right

I know there’s never perfect timing”

“Perfect Timing” by McCall

“Perfect Timing” Music Video

McCall’s debut album, …to be a dream…, is set to release on July 15, and with strong entries like “Perfect Timing,” it’s no wonder why there’s such a buzz surrounding the upcoming release. “Perfect Timing” is streaming now on all music platforms, and if you’d like to pre-save the …to be a dream… album so that you’ll be among the first to hear it on July 15, you can do so now. McCall is pretty active on social media, so if you’d like to stay up to date with the artist you can follow her on her Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter,  Soundcloud,  TikTok , and YouTube channel.

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