The gorgeous and very talented Chlöe Bailey has dropped her rendition of “Gyalis.” An impromptu live performance on her Instagram that quickly gained traction with over three million views. Capella Grey took notice and re-shared her post on his Instagram with the caption “body bag, VRV1 on the way. Vibes dem back.” It’s no doubt that Chlöe has insane vocals and obviously knows how to make a song her own. Not only did she grab Capella Grey’s attention but caught the attention of Tracee Ellis Ross, SZA and Five Foreign. All who heard Chlöe’s version demanded an official release. Chlöe made the viral video on May 10 then boom May 31 the shemix was born. She made “Gyalis” her own, giving it a bad b*tch vibe.

Chlöe’s viral post on her Instagram.

Get in your car, put your best stank face on and get to singing or shall we say rapping. Her verse is really putting guys in their place. She is singing the opposite side of what you hear from Capella Grey. He is tapping into his player vibes and she is giving that energy right back to him. You don’t want to mess with Chlöe because she is rare!

“Thought I didn’t hear him come in, please

I’m like, “Oh, nah,” he gotta go

See you again? Oh, no, baby, that’s not what I want (Oh, oh)

You gotta come correct when you next to me

You say that you can handle it, it’s hard to believe

Hear moaning on FaceTime like, “Who is these bitches? Is that your best friend that I know?”

Who you said not to worry? I don’t

I can play games if you want

Or I should just block you”

Chlöe’s verse in Gaylis Shemix

When Chlöe is not paired up with her equally beautiful sister Halle, you can find her repping amazing fashion, showcasing her vocals through cover songs and producing records. Starting on YouTube Chlöe and Halle posted a singing video covering Beyoncé’s “Best Thing I Never Had.” Chlöe then starred in the same movie as her with a minor role. That definitely sounds like living the dream. In 2021 she debuted as a solo artist with her song “Have Mercy” as the lead single off her album. She has even crossed over into the acting world starring in Disney’s Let It Shine, grown-ish (she even sang the theme song) and Meet the Browns. Brilliantly talented and she kills every project she does.

Capella Grey is a singer-songwriter and producer from the Bronx and is the founder of Allepac the Family, which is an American Record Label. He also signed a joint venture with Capitol. “Gyalis” was his breakout single in 2021. He plays several instruments such as the piano, drums, guitar, saxophone and bass. No wonder he paired up with Chlöe, two very versatile and talented artists.

Go listen to the Gyalis Shemix here and follow Chlöe on all social media platforms Spotify Twitter Instagram Chlöe x Halle and stay connected to Capella Grey Instagram Twitter Spotify

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ToniAnn Romeo Author
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