MARINA Starts “Ancient Dreams in A Modern Land” Tour in San Francisco’s The Masonic

On Wednesday, February 2nd, MARINA began her first run of her US tour, supporting her latest album, Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land. Besides, the Live From The Desert livestream, this series of dates showcases the new songs, played for the very first time, and others that have recently gained their claim to viral fame from TikTok. First night of tour took place at The Masonic, located on top of San Francisco’s Nob Hill. The sold out crowd waited in anticipation for the performance, all dressed in their brightest and most colorful wares.

Tove Styrke started the night off as she joined the stage with a strut in her step, grinning from ear to ear. After she performed her first few tracks, showcasing a lilting and soft popstar-worthy voice, she introduced herself, then said:

I’m from Sweden, the land of f***ing darkness.

~ Tove Styrke

The crowd giggled as she smiled. Draped in a flowing bustle skirt, fishnets, platform boots, and a bright purple corset, she then continued to dance along the stage as her presence glowed light into the dark room.

It wasn’t much longer of a wait before MARINA stepped on stage. As she smiled and waved, she stuck her tongue between her teeth while smiling big for all to see. The fans onstage gusted along the ostrich feathers on her top, as she stood, poised, cat eyes gazing across the room.

She began the night playing “Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land,” the title track from her new album. Bathed in red lights, her movements flowed effortlessly along the length of the stage.

I’m still coming to grips with finally being back on stage… Let alone to a SOLD OUT crowd.


MARINA spoke gently and with a tangible sense of pride and joy. Her vocals rang in the ears and from it echoed lyrics from the audience. Each member jumped with joy and sang loudly for all to hear. And MARINA led them along in her journey through her set list of hits, new and old. Each note was sung effortlessly with practice and poise.

Though the venue was filled with fans, the setting was still intimately personal and welcoming. Bright-eyed, everyone who was in attendance shared in a refreshed and renewed energy, tucked away from the normal world for just a little while.

Want to see MARINA on tour? Get your tickets here! Stay tuned for more updates, and see our full photo gallery of the evening here!

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Helana Michelle Administrator
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