Featuring tracks from the new album, performed for the very first time, MARINA joined the livestream stage on June 12th and 13th for a global event to celebrate the release of Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land. The stream was performed on Moment House, a premium digital platform hosting renowned artists worldwide.

In the remote California desert, nature and music collided as the new album was brought to life. MARINA’s electric performance gave the landscape a burst of rainbow color. Wearing bright orange herself and magically changing into a neon green suit halfway through the stream, her charisma glowed through the screen as her hair blew in the wind in the sunset desert dream.

Big thank you to my band who rehearsed 8 hours a day / 10 days in a row to pull this off. To Weird Life for filming this so beautifully + to the hardworking crew who made it possible. Bringing out electric generators + setting up a full stage in the middle of nowhere is no joke!!!

~ Marina Diamandis [MARINA]

MARINA’s become known in going against the grain. With stark messages, her voice has become a breakthrough in the music industry in battling to remain in control over her creative process and vision. After doing this over the last decade and succeeding, MARINA continues to be a unique voice in the scope of femininity, singing of utopian dreams about women taking charge and making a real and positive change in the world as we know it. The first single, “Man’s World,” spearheaded the message of the newest album as a whole, as it preaches against hatred, fear, and injustice and isn’t afraid to dream big of a future where women can create an ideal society. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land follows a similar train as a whole, all while being a beautiful breakup anthem album as she sheds her old life and embraces a new one as a stronger, more independent woman.

A unique Deconstructed Dreams afterparty featuring an album breakdown by MARINA and a fan q&a accompanied the stream, along with limited meet & greets and exclusive merch. In it, she deconstructed a few of her tracks and shared the inspiration behind them while answering fan questions about love and acceptance, moving to Los Angeles from the UK, and living life while focusing on mental health and healing.

MARINA recently announced live 2022 tour dates throughout the US and UK, with more dates to come in the future. Get your tickets here.

Stream Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land now, available on all streaming platforms:

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