Maria Lynn’s New EP ‘Bad Habits’ is A Rhapsodic Inquest Into the Good and Bad Elements of Passion

Maria Lynn’s new release Bad Habits is a soulful exploration into the euphoric moods that coincide with being in love, as well as the solemn states of depression that always seem to tag along. Lynn’s sophomore effort was released April 22 via Repost, which is Soundcloud’s artist services division. She has also made the announcement for a New-York-City EP release show at the end of this month (May 31), at the Rockwood Music Hall, making the record official.

— tickets available here.

Bad Habits is available to stream from several platforms including Spotify.

Bad Habits follows Lynn’s previous release Lost and Found, by revealing personal truths and the pain that comes with redemption and growth.

“Sharing love with one another is euphoric, passionate and painful,” Lynn says. “Ultimately, it teaches us so many valuable life lessons leading us to the great love of all, within ourselves. That’s what I hope listeners feel — a newfound appreciation and sense of love for themselves.”

Through the entirety of Bad Habits Lynn takes us on an adventure through darkness and the inevitable feelings of depression, gloom and several others that accompany a heartbreak. Throughout the single “Why Do I” as well as its sequel “Jaded” (featuring NYC-based artist Armen Paul), Lynn dissects the intricacies that exist in toxic relationships and the required aptitude that it takes to restore and find oneself.

“Nostalgia can be dangerous. I can trick you into thinking it was better than your present. Nothing is better than this moment, in fact nothing else exists but this moment, Lynn states in a Facebook post. “There is no past, no future, just right here, right now — and you have the power to create anything you desire.”

Recollections such as these seem to be the focal points that make up Bad Habits throughout its seven-song track list, which is individually comprised of soul-baring depictions of Lynn’s most personal and impactful relationships to date. The result is an honest recollection of the highs and lows of the relationship game. Falling in and out of love, succumbing to the depths of despair and digging yourself out by the strength of self-discovery. In the track “Goodbye” Lynn does just that, bidding adieu to

“One of the most impactful relationships I’ve ever had in my life,” as she describes.

Maria Lynn

The video for “Goodbye” also found its share of good luck in Lynn’s counterpart.

The official video for “Goodbye”

“I said so many prayers to the universe that I’d find the perfect girl to play in this video. Just one week later I connected with @xsamxlucas at a LGBT event, asked her straight up ‘do you [want to] be in a music video,’ [and] without hesitation she said ‘hell yeah,’ Lynn recalls. “We met once before, and we started shooting and the connection was so natural. I couldn’t [have] found a better person to shoot this video with … Shout out to the universe for bringing us together. Forever grateful.”

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Shane Farias Subscriber
Graduate Student, Journalist.
Shane Farias Subscriber
Graduate Student, Journalist.

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