“I’ve got a cloud over my head when I wake up, I bet I seem perfect on paper, Couldn’t be further away, Feels like there’s a crowd of people that I’ve disappointed, The places that I’ve been avoiding, Full of hearts I left on the way.”

-maggie rose

Some people know how to put together a stellar highlight reel on social media. Some can even replicate that confidence in their real lives. They know how to make a great first impression so that it seems like they’ve got their ducks in a row.

Afterward, if your interactions occurred in short clips or purely professional contexts, they might’ve still struck you as invincible. Putting in enough one-on-one personal time with them though, it’ll have become clear that they’re no less insecure. They’re just better at hiding it.

This third single off Maggie Rose’s August 20th album (Have A Seat) packed a punch with her vulnerably powerful vocals. In doing so, she superbly served lyrics written by Jon Santana, Brett Truitt, Charlotte Sands, and Brigetta Truitt.

Her voice echoed the negative self-talk so easily defaulted to during difficult times. Those periods of depression when questioning major life decisions to figure out where the downhill slide began.

Regret will have posted up at the front of our minds. We’ll recall all those relationships where we didn’t feel good enough. Where we engaged in self-sabotage, because at least then, we maintained control in how the disaster damaged us.

The moment of clarity at the end of these cycles, provided that we’re able to find our intrinsic goodness, will have emerged from recognition of universal mortality. If we all have to die one day, then let’s accept the flaws we cannot change and simply—live.  

“…To all the lovers, I ended up leaving, I’ve got a restless heart, It changes with the seasons, To all of the futures, I couldn’t see me in, I’m watching my halo fade, Maybe I’m not a saint…”

-maggie rose

Saint” is streaming now, and Have A Seat is available for preorder!

“Saint” by Maggie Rose

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