Madjo Reconnects with New Music Video “Women”

For her latest single “Women,” Madjo has shared a music video, featuring women of different ages, skin color and appearance coming together. With a warm and soulful sound, the artist urges for a return to nature where interconnectedness is the strongest.

Ce titre émerge d’une envie profonde de parler des femmes, de nos lignées, de nos contours, de nos lègues. C’est un morceau qui ouvre une porte, celle de s’assumer femme, avec nos failles et nos histoires.

The title comes from a profound desire to speak of women, our lineage, our contours, our legacies. It is a fragment that opens a door, one that reclaims women, with our flaws and stories.

– Madjo

The song is heavily inspired by Maya Angelou’s Letter to My Daughter, with Angelou offering guidance on various topics such as love, parenting, courage and spirituality. This is paralleled by Madjo’s own lyrics as she both physically and spiritually embraces the diverse group of women she is with. The musician is also known to make references to literature, a constant source of inspiration for much of her music.

She was born from a dialogue

And nothing to her name but light inside

Day after day till the end of time the story is told

From mother to mother

The circle’s all around

– “Women”

There is a strong presence of spirituality throughout the music video, reconnecting with other women and with nature. Every person is seen dancing or “going with the flow” and it seems this is the way things were always meant to be: flowing, cyclical and connected.

The ending cuts to Madjo singing live and in the moment as she takes a moment to appreciate each person in turn. Soon, they all embrace and the video ends with the sound of laughter.

French-Swiss Senegalese, Madjo moved around from Paris and Montreal, before settling in the Alps. Her return to her roots has allowed her to reinvent herself, transfusing her identity into her songs. The singer-songwriter has simultaneously transformed her sound that borrows from indie to pop to folk.

Madjo has an album set to release in 2024 titled Rebellion, which elaborates on the connection people have with the world. Each song is expected to take on living life and becoming in the face of the elements.

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