Getting Farther and Farther Away From “Where It All Began”

As Lucy Morgan readies her EP Firelight for release on August 26th, to ease anticipation she has shared “Where It All Began,” a track about losing yourself in a romantic relationship. With this single she affirms that no one should ever make you feel like you can’t be yourself.

Morgan is a singer/songwriter from Port Stanley, Ontario. Writing songs has been noted as a form of therapy for her, an escape that she needed when her sister died of cystic fibrosis, and letting the world hear what she has created since then feels like closing the chapter that inspired it. She believes music is our universal language, and first emerged as a conquering artist back in 2020 when she released her first single “I Really Loved You” on all streaming platforms. The single has since soared past 50k streams on Spotify alone, and should only reach higher numbers as the years continue forward.

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“Where It All Began” first showcases audiences to a gritty electronic beat that rests just below a groovy guitar melody. After the introduction, Morgan delicately sings on times that she wishes she could back to, when a relationship was never desired and boundaries were made clear. She considers that being led on is so much worse than being shut down completely, and there is definite truth to this opinion, as the wondering that comes with this predicament can be utterly confusing to the person who find themselves caring more. It lets feelings run rampant, uncontrolled and heading straight for disaster, but of course, time always heals in this scenario, and Morgan touches on this as well. As aware as we may think we are, it is always a turning clock and your own ambition that decides whether you take the first step or falter.

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