Love Is A Cruel Game In The 925’s ‘Judy’  

Breakups much like falling head over heels is part and parcel of this game we call love. Whether caused by misunderstandings, infidelity, personal issues, immaturity or simply everything in between. It’s undeniable that going through one is a painful rollercoaster ride that renders us damaged and harboring invisible wounds that fester. As if a virus, the sorrow that follows eats us alive and turns us to self destructing zombies. Instead of brains to crave the hunger pangs, we look around searching for a heart – a cure to mend the broken heart.

This unnerving topic of separation or the ‘end of a relationship’ is explored in German band The 925’s latest song ‘Judy’. Released last March 31st in all major streaming platforms worldwide. ‘Judy’ is a track that specifically looks at the culture of ‘unsatisfaction’ surrounding breakups. The overall havoc it causes lovers all over as well as the trail of tears left behind in its aftermath. But most importantly, it mirrors a society that’s slowly getting harder and harder to please as time flies by.

While parting ways isn’t bad by all means. What is seen as toxic and what ‘Judy’ harps on are some of the reasons behind it. This comes in the form of reasons such as the other being richer aka status, their looks, amount of pampering received etc. But what takes the cake here is the notion that they’ve gone too tired of being with the same person. As if an ice cream flavor, now they’re looking for something else for the sake of exciting their taste buds. The worse part here is the partner wasn’t abusive or negligent whatsoever – they were just too stable for the other’s liking.

While that sounds like we live in an upside down world, The 925’s hard hitting vocals and instrumentals remind us that this is all reality. Their energetic vibe as witnessed in ‘Judy’ rocks us to the core, waking us up to the fact that everything isn’t alright. We have a problem with commitment and pressing the escape button quickly as if it’s the only option. We have to be made aware that there is another, and that happens through honesty and open communication. If only we paid attention then, luckily The 925’s ‘Judy’ is here to do just that.

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Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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