Love Bites In Death Party Playground’s “Summer Fang”

Summer might be long gone, but it’s memories still continue to linger in our hearts and minds. It’s a ray of sunshine that pierces through the cloudy days. A welcomed warm hug amidst the cold weather we are all experiencing at the moment. Brr! 

But what if that bliss and fondness is gone? In its place a bitter feeling that you’d rather forget altogether because it’s too much bare. It’s a painful scenario we all try to avoid, then again something we don’t have true control over because love is just a mysterious thing. It’s hurtful to hear, let alone undergo and the Canadian band Death Party Playground perfectly encapsulates that with their song “Summer Fang”. It’s beautiful misery at it’s finest, a season’s worth of pain in 4:08 minutes.

Released last September 30th in all platforms, “Summer Fang” is Death Party Playground’s melancholic POV of our season under the sun. It’s not that they’re being kill joys, they’re just pointing out that pain and sleepless nights also take place in a time we mostly associate with pure enjoyment. They liken it to a snake or any animal with fangs ready to attack at all times. In its wake, leaving a wound with a trail of blood on the floor. Creepy right? But what’s so memorable about this track is that it’s presented in a pleasant way which is the clear opposite of the topic being tackled. Its vocals are rich, filled with character and intense conviction. The instrumental on the other hand is relaxing, comparable to a soft sunlight kissing your cheek. Perhaps a reminder of a lover that scorned you and yet you still long for. Oh, the torture! 

If you’re looking for a bittersweet tune to accompany you throughout this fall, then Death Party Playground’s “Summer Fang” is for you! Long walks to the park are optional of course. 

Looking for more Death Party Playground? If you are, then feel free to visit their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube accounts for more exquisite content. 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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