Many have heard the Billboard hit “All Around Me,” from the late 2000’s, but little did you know that the vocalist of the band has been up to a lot over the last fifteen years.

Former vocalist of Flyleaf, now running solo, Lacey Sturm has become more active on social media for the first time in nearly four years since releasing her debut album, Life Screams, which topped rock music charts in 2016. Not only is she the first solo female artist to do so, she has been teasing the idea of releasing more music since.

With an incredible story to tell about love and hope and overcoming self-harm, depression, and suicidal thoughts, Lacey Sturm continues to stun all with her musical talent and positive attitude. She was featured with artists such as Apocalyptica, Third Day, Breaking Benjamin, and more.

In her time with Flyleaf, she healed souls through her gift in music. When listening to her, you can feel her being, swaying and spinning and screaming out to anyone who will listen that there is hope and life, even when all you feel is darkness and shadow around you.

Shortly after releasing the band’s second album, Memento Mori, beloved friend and sound engineer Rich Caldwell passed away. The album’s message was further driven forward then: Remember that you will die.

The band halted performances shortly afterward; it wasn’t the same without their beloved friend’s hands intertwining with their work. You could really tell how much she loved performing and how this event shaped her and changed her. “Life is short and precious; so are the ones around you,” she stated in an interview.

She continued writing music with Flyleaf until after releasing one more album, New Horizons, and decided that it would be best to move forward to focus on life with her husband and newborn son. “If I had one more year left with my son, how would I choose to live it?”

As a teenager, it broke my heart to hear when Lacey left the band. Her voice and lyrics filled me when I felt empty and spoke to me in ways I felt no one else could understand. To this day, she shines a light of hope wherever she can.

“Some people think that their words don’t matter, and it’s such a lie. The uniqueness of your life is so needed in the world. When you shine your light the way only you can, it can be a light of hope for others. Your voice is important. You are important, and you are loved.”

In 2014, Lacey re-emerged from her private life with a new book and a rock album in the works. As someone so gifted with talent such as hers, it’s understandable she couldn’t stay away from writing for too long. Life Screams showcases her voice as a powerhouse and princess of rock. Standing at 4’11”, you would never believe the power she holds in her lungs. It excited me to hear her play on my favorite rock stations again, and I have been yearning for more music from her since then.


As far as projects go, Lacey and her husband, Josh Sturm, are working on a lot together as they juggle their life at home with kids. Fans of Lacey have become champions of patience. Not only does she disappear for periods of time, but when she comes out with new work, but you can’t help but hunger to hear more from her. “We are parents of three children and we never know what’s going to happen. We try to be present and available for them no matter what.”

Last year, she and her husband, Josh Sturm, created “Reflect Love Back,” a project with messages of love, peace, and finding hope in the midst of darkness. The two of them released an acoustic album, and go live to sing, pray, and spread love to their fans every Sunday.

However, over the last week, we have been treated with more information on upcoming projects and music and improvised acoustic music. Fans post lyric suggestions and Lacey weaves the words together in song.

“Concerts are fun,” Josh comments, “It’s always in our heart to play music, whether or not we are getting paid for it, and it has been hard to take the time to go on tour. It’s been really nice to perform live in our home.”

Lacey revealed that she is working with a team on a script for a movie about her life– what it was like juggling with depression, suicide, and feeling hopeless and lost, and how she found life and happiness in the middle of it.

She and Josh are also involved in the project Call of Death to Life: a support and helpline for people who are depressed, anxious, or suicidal. Brian Head Welch, former vocalist, current guitarist of Korn, is another ambassador of this project. Lacey shows in all she does that not only does she sing about overcoming darkness, but she is willing to pray for and help others, which is such a beautiful thing.

She was featured in the latest Breaking Benjamin album, Aurora, a new version of “Dear Agony,” which has been a top song on the charts. Breaking Benjamin recorded their album featuring many other rock artists as well. You can listen to it here.

Josh and Lacey also teased that the two of them are working on a second album, where the release date is to be announced. However, some lucky people were able to hear the first beginnings of the first single during live performances. The Decree “hasn’t changed much since, but it’s probably going to be heavier. a LOT heavier.”

In the meantime, she is taking her time, enjoying life as a mom, and writing music. “It’s like painting with music and sounds!”

View more live videos from last week here: Friday night; Saturday night; Monday!

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