little image Releases Thirteen New Tracks in SELF TITLED

SELF TITLED covers the story of little image’s members, Jackson Simmons, Brandon Walters and Troy Bruner. Documenting experiences of self-doubt, self-reflection and eventually, self-love, the album is crafted to share their personal experiences as well as connect with listeners across the world. Several previously released singles reappear on this album, as if looking back on the band’s musical journey.

With so many emotions flooding in after years of working and dreaming, we are just here to say that our new album SELF TITLED is now yours. There are too many people to thank that were involved [in] creating this world with us [over] the past few years and wouldn’t be here without any of them. We have much more to say but for now, welcome to the realization of yourself…

– little image

As the first track on the album, “EGO” creeps in and sets a dark and ominous mood. The verses take time to explain the artist’s state of mind, being absorbed with oneself. The chorus then explodes in self-expression with understated vocals and booming instrumentals.

Things begin to pick up in “LUNGS BURN” as the beat transforms into something more fun and funky. With a synthetic effect over the voice and instrumentals, listeners can’t help but shout along to a beat that hits hard.

OUT OF MY MIND” is a track meant to be shouted. Tension and excitement build throughout the verse, with the guitar, bass and drums creating this rhythm that lets it all out. Transitioning from a normal singing voice to a shout, everything simply gets louder and cathartic.

BLUE” makes the transition into something more mellow and calm. The vocals aren’t as high-strung. The guitar melody is also playful, evoking a thoughtful and nostalgic soundtrack of an indie coming-of-age drama.

CLEAN” is relatively stripped with a simple piano accompaniment and beats. Simmons sings in a softer way and in a lower register. So, while the song isn’t as explosive as the others on the album, there is still a constant and steady rhythm— like a pulse. The sound creates a moment of honesty and intimacy, as the lyrics talk about being fine even with having nothing.

Let’s just try
We got no time and no money
But we will be just fine
When we fly
I got nothing in my pockets to hold me down this time

– “BLUE”

HOME” chooses a more distorted effect, conveying a distraught sound. With a pulsing bass and beating drums, little image sings about feeling stuck and being isolated. The chorus almost is a self-realization that a home is a person, not a place.

The introduction to “RUNWAY” is a mix between hollow and echoey. With the entrance of the vocals, the sound remains pretty solemn. Throughout the track, the vocals and the instrumentals bounce off one another, filling each other’s pauses.

BALLET” starts off in a similar fashion, continuing the heavier ambiance of the album. With a distorted and droning voice. During the pre-chorus, it is the same kind of voice that asks questions like, “Why do I look so thin?” or “Why do I look so thick?” Simmons’ voice returns to normal as he confesses not wanting to see how he looks, referring to a twisted sense of self and perhaps commenting on beauty standards themselves.

MAKEUP” chooses to stick to a simple acoustic, fingerpicking a pattern that the vocal layers onto. Going up and down and then up again into falsettos, the track is one of the softest on the album yet. It makes sense, as the lyrics nearly confess to someone, revealing that makeup and concealing are not needed in their relationship.

NO EGO” sounds like it was made for a montage in a movie. With recorded voices, piano synths and the occasional crackle of a note, the interlude gives listeners a resting space, perhaps a moment for reflection and meditation before continuing onto the rest of the album.

The prime example of immersive, “WORTH IT” begins with an echo that is simultaneously warbly and pleasant-sounding. Continuing into the verse, things are kept slow and steady with vocals that almost whisper. In the bridge, the choice of words creates a rhyme that plays well with the instrumentals of the track and underlines this persistent and non-stop cycle of asking whether we are worth it.

NEW LOVERS” sticks to a quieter introduction but gets bolder and bolder with help from the bass and drums. Pulling from a deep memory, a deep pain, the song promises to recover and start again but without the certainty of knowing when.

GLUE” ends the album on a dreamy note. Incorporating layers of synthesizers, chimes and piano notes, the song creates a soundscape and evokes a bright and hopeful finale.

SELF TITLED is an album that took time to make, as little image considered the way it wanted to convey its experience both as people and musicians. While the band has no upcoming dates for a tour, they are celebrating, along with fans, the album’s release— now on vinyl! Check out the full tracklist and other popular songs on Spotify and music videos on YouTube.

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