Listen to Shy Guy’s Latest Single, “Came From a Place”

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Born Darius Evans, Shy Guy is a southern wordsmith hailing from the rap-saturated college town of Kennesaw, GA. A mere thirty minutes from the bustling hip hop capital, Atlanta, he began his journey with the pen in his early teens. At first he splashed the rap game with emo trap hits, such as his coveted song “First”, his first single to reach thousands of streams on Soundcloud and Spotify. He continued chopping, screwing and reinventing his persona until he stumbled upon the conscious rap scene. Inspired by the great works of J Cole and other lyricists, Shy Guy rushed from his melodic shackles to a more mauve, neo-soul aura that mixes old school lyrics with modern 808’s and snares.

Despite having a limited number of songs under his rebranding, Shy Guy is proving his place in the world of inspiring lyricists, which is a welcome breath of fresh air for someone like me who is tired of the popular rap songs with the same lyrics just spun in different ways. “Came From a Place” is his latest single to demonstrate his lyrical prowess and storytelling skills.

Paced by a sultry soul-vibe instrumental, Shy Guy takes no time before launching into his bars. Although the instrumental takes on more of a chill beat, the quicker-paced lyrics still manage to match cohesively. Shy Guy gives listeners insight into the place he came from and the struggles he faces as a Black man in today’s society. He lists out the expectations that already seem to have been set for him, without having any say in the matter, just based on where he came from. It’s a cycle that’s difficult to break out of and there seems to be no end to it. But even with these seemingly set expectations, he acknowledges that not everyone wants the same thing – he doesn’t want the same thing. And he wants people to see that there is more. Both more to life outside of this place, but also more to life inside this place.

Shy Guy’s willingness to be vulnerable about such a touchy subject is refreshing. By showing his listeners this part of his life, he has taken this opportunity to invite us into his world. It gives listeners something to relate to. And that kind of trust is meaningful.

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