Listen to Classic Rock Single, “Doing Time,” by Phantom Flower

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Phantom Flower is bringing classic rock into a new decade. The LA-based artist pulls influences from artists like Bowie, Aerosmith, and The Beatles to create nostalgic feelings with his songs. His debut album, Phantom Flower, was released late last year and its 11-track run is the perfect introduction to this new band.

“Doing Time” is one of the singles off of this album that highlights the classic rock influences in this new age. It starts off with a very bright fanfare introduction that leads into a slow-tempo guitar melody. The instrumental is a bit reminiscent of what you’d hear in a play. The build-up, accompanied by drum and whispery vocals, isn’t rushed which gives listeners time to settle into the song. The vocals follow the same path – calm, evenly spaced, and inviting. In a tone reminiscent of Lenny Kravitz, Phantom Flower brings listeners through a luminescent journey of the optimism that the subject of the lyrics maintains as she, as we all are, is doing her time.

A psychedelic-infused rock track, “Doing Time” is a sweet, sweet tune that brings us back to the days of slow-tempo classic rock. It’s airy, bright, and tranquil and keeps listeners hooked on the smooth vocals. We’re excited to hear more from this artist as he continues to release his art into the world.

You can listen to the full Phantom Flower album below.

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