Listen to Eiza Murphy’s Intoxicating Vocals in New Single, “Taxi”

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Eiza Murphy may have just released her debut single last month, but as it already reached the #1 spot on Ireland’s iTunes chart, she’s already proving that her talents as a singer and songwriter will continue to catapult her into the spotlight.

Eiza, an Ireland native, moved to New York when she was 15 to study Logic Pro music production at Dubspot School of Electronic Music. She was the youngest person in the class, by 15 years, and was the only girl. She lived in London for a couple of years, starting in 2017, and performed at various venues, both locally and internationally, and is now back in Ireland to begin her artist project.

“Taxi” is her follow-up to her debut single, “Black Hole”, and was written after Eiza left a toxic party. The instrumental track, a gentle, mellow-tempo arrangement of guitar pickings mixed underneath electronic elements, provides the perfect backdrop for Eiza’s witty lyrical style and unfiltered personality.

Eiza’s vocals are intoxicating, to say the least, varying her pitch to match the pulsating pace. She sings with a velvety tone that draws the listener into her messaging. She cleverly inserts stinging remarks on the materialism, dishonest, and superficiality she witnessed at the party and laughs as she finds solace in the back of a taxi.

Based on her musical history, it’s clear that Eiza is no stranger to the world of music. Yet this new chapter in her life, one where she embarks on her artistry, is proving to be exciting and promising. Eiza Murphy is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the coming years.

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