Listen In: Upcoming R&B artist, Lawrence D Releases Debut Album, “Rendezvous”

Upcoming R&B and contemporary artist, Lawrence D, released his debut album, Rendezvous, on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Rendezvous is a reflection of Lawrence’s journey through life and shares a message to listeners through each song.

In eleven tracks, Lawrence opens up a connection with listeners through sharing his own highs and lows and still coming back to his sense of self. 

“Rendezvous tells a story of experiencing love, loss, emotional warfare…this album tells a message that whatever happens, you can always call home.”

Lawrence D

“Rendezvous” Cover Art

Opening his album, is the first interlude of many, “Call Yo Mama.” This track, short and partly inaudible, starts the album off with listeners wanting more. This track opens with the sound of a phone ringing and going straight to voicemail.

The next track in his album is Lawrence’s single from Mar. 2021, “This Feeling.” This track opens up with an up-tempo beat and as soon as Lawrence’s vocals come in listeners are enraptured with the song. This is a track about not being in control of a good night. With the fast tempo and electrifying percussion and guitar closing the song, it is almost impossible to keep still.

“Twilight” takes a turn with a slower tempo and a steady beat. Lawrence’s vocals in this track are deep and the lyrics he sings imitate the emotional warfare that is mentioned earlier. The lyrics of this track emulate the feeling of need when in love or infatuated with someone. However, there is an ominous feeling that the lyrics and beat bring to listeners. Is this love or just infatuation? Is he waiting on something that will never happen?

“I wanna be the only savior / The one you favor / The light that’s in your eyes / Twilight’s coming not safe on the ground”

Lyrics of “Twilight”

The next track on this album is, “Harlem.” This track is the second interlude and within thirty seconds it brings listeners into an experience. With a faded audio of kids free styling with one another, this track brings about a lighthearted and fun feeling. 

Lawrence’s single, “Wanna Be”, released in May 2022 is next on the queue. The R&B and pop chill is sure to keep your head bopping to its steady beat. This track is about the pressures of wanting to be able to be the perfect partner to a significant other. It also highlights the feeling of falling off. 

The next track surprises listeners with the feature of the vocals from Morgan Bosman. “Let’s Ride” is slow paced however both Bosman and Lawrence’s vocals ride the beat beautifully. The harmonies of both vocalists also add to the experience of the song. This is a track about going with the flow with that special someone.

The third interlude of the album, “ATL” doesn’t open with a beat but with multiple unknown voices rapping with each other. As the song progresses electronic beats are introduced and the energy becomes tangible to listeners. Only about twenty seconds, it leaves listeners wanting more.

Following “ATL” is the track “Aphrodite.” Opening with soft harmonies and the slow pace of the beat maintain the passionate essence that resonates with the title. This is a track about being deeply enamored with someone. The slow pace and harmonies carry the song beautifully up until the end.

“Is It Real” also follows that sensual and passionate nature of “Aphrodite.” Though this track shares similarities to “Aphrodite” it shows a difference in perspective. With lyrics that repeat the song title, “Is It Real” this track is about pondering whether there is a real and genuine connection.

The fourth and final interlude of the album, “Mother Knows Best” is the next track to play.  Like “Call Yo Mama” this track opens up with the phone ringing but this time listeners are welcomed to a coherent message. That message is that there are ups and downs and you will experience all of that and that is the beauty of life.

Closing out the album is the track, “Don’t Waste Time.” This track takes the message from the “Mother Knows Best.” The synthesized beat brings listeners to a new galaxy that sets itself apart from the other songs on this album. “Don’t Waste Time” tells a story and a message about breaking out into a new version of self and taking in every memorable moment. 

Lawrence D put his heart into this album and we’d love to hear your thoughts! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Alexis Badger is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Linguistics and Multimedia Journalism. For more about Alexis, visit here LinkedIn linked below.
Alexis Badger is a recent college graduate from Georgia Southern University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Linguistics and Multimedia Journalism. For more about Alexis, visit here LinkedIn linked below.

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  • Kameron Samples
    2 weeks ago Reply

    Fantastic review of the song list. I’ve listened to the album several times and it’s beautiful to see the perspective of others. Each song’s description play by play from you made me want to listen all over again. As a matter of fact, “Hey Siri, Play RENDEZVOUS by Lawrence D!”

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