Life Is Filled With Mysteries In An Overnight Low’s ‘Chemistry’

Chemistry means different things to us. If you’re from the scientific community, it is a branch of science that deals with elements specifically their properties, composition and structure. For others its also a subject taught in school that has caused many a student to have sleepless nights. Outside the academic realm, it’s a term used to describe how a pair or a team of people gel together may it be in a team or a relationship. But no matter which way you use “chemistry”, the fact that remains is that it talks about creating bonds. How two different or same entities come together to form a single unit. Think of it as two colors mixed in together by a painter about to paint a stunning image.

This same fascination with chemistry and it’s effect in our society in a molecular level can be strongly felt in Portland Maine based band An Overnight Low with their song ‘Chemistry’. Released last April 14th in all major streaming platforms via Good Show. ‘Chemistry’ is a track from their upcoming album ‘Holyhead’ that illustrates a man’s journey into this world as he uses chemistry to get by. Through this way of life, he is exposed to a portal filled with a slew of emotions and senses that blend in together. It’s a trippy road trip that goes off the rails quickly blurring the familiar and the unfamiliar.

Is he crazy? Under the influence? Or simply showing us a better way to live? No one really knows for sure. With soothing vocals and instrumentals that take us to an eerily beautiful landscape, An Overnight Low fills our earlobes with mystique. What’s happening here? What type of chemistry is the man using? Albeit all these queries, what’s pretty certain though is that it’s an explosion of color that turns normal happenings into a living art piece. So much so that everyone else is mesmerized and confused by it. A rubix cube that’s hard to figure out. The answers solely rests on his hands. There’s no revealing anytime soon and that’s perfectly fine.

Perhaps that’s the exact point of it all? An Overnight Low might be teaching us a lesson here with ‘Chemistry’. That in order to be truly happy, we must learn how to exist outside the box. Break the boundaries set by society and reach out for the things that make us happy even though it may not be the norm.

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Happy Friday folks!

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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