Let Qlank Set “You Right” with New Release

This month, bass house force Qlank has released “You Right” via IN/ROTATION. Detroit bred, Qlank is now based in LA, where he has released on labels such as Night Bass, Confession, Box of Cats, Noir Sur Blanc, and more. Qlank is also well versed in the daring act of self-releasing tracks, which has paid off in his popularity and breadth of experience. He has formed a distinct style, a combination of heavy bass and components of classic house sounds. There is an edgy darkness to his songs, but has been based in house for over seven years. With such smooth production, there is no doubt that this new release will be mixed and danced to in clubs everywhere.

“This one has been causing many benders and been going crazy at shows for a while now and we are super excited to share it with the world”

Qlank via Instagram

From the very first beat, “You Right” begins with the line that repeats throughout, “to the left, right, front, back.” The lyrics itself invite one to head-bang, let loose, but their bumpy cadence truly brings them to life. There is a good balance in the entire song between speeding up and laying off, which brings the listeners through an entire trajectory of sound, rather than any sort of predictability. Each word is like a punch, with memorable smashes of bass in between. 

“You Right” Cover Art

The electric guitar takes over for the bridge, then brings back the repeated lyrics to truly sink into the groove. Around the middle of the song, the instrumentals rumble up to one moment of lyrical solo: “You know you right.” Alongside the title of the song, the witty double meaning of this line and the consistent directional lyrics work well. The deeper into the song we get, the more elements and layers are added. The pinnacle is some short rap lines that break free from the rest of the structure, again bearing unpredictability and fun. 

Keep up with Qlank’s fabulously funky discography and stream “You Right” below.

Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.
Haven Capone Author
I love listening to folk and laughing until I cry.

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