Laurentii’s “Heart Is Beating” Brings Nostalgia Back to Pop Rock

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Laurentii takes you through a sonic and almost spiritual journey through his newest track of 2020 “Heart Is Beating.” The lyrics contemplate personal subjects as pondering the meaning of life, love and sharing feelings, and finding clarity.

Laurentii’s roots in synth pop and indie pop show through the beginning of the song, as it opens with airy, synthesized vocals. The melody is initially carried by soft strums on electric guitar and light high-hat rhythms. The cool thing about the song is that as the layers of different instruments trickle in, the song’s perceived indie pop genre transforms into something entirely different, almost unexpected. A long and smooth build-up carries through until the chorus finally explodes with deep 80’s pop rock drums, electric bass riffs and guitar solos, jamming out a uniquely nostalgic rock sound.

You can stream “Heart Is Beating” on Spotify, and we’ve added it to our Glasse Rocks playlist this week!

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  1. Destino Mondragon

    Love this song!

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