The anticipated “Call Collect” mixtape series continues with Landon Sear’s latest project, Call Collect 7. This project, setting the perfect tone for these upcoming mid-to-late summer evenings, Features a perfect balance between uptempo and energy-driven tracks, and an atmospheric sonic experience.

This five-track EP begins with the low and chill beat behind Push Me Away. The sonic serenade pairs with a soft trumpet introduction set the tone for the track. Alongside the stripped-down feel, this track is built to showcase Sears’ diverse vocal range and unique vocal expressions in a way that draws in a listener’s attention and leaves them wanting for more. Although each track through this EP carries its own weight in the project, Glovebox closes off the project following similar themes of instrumentals and soft vocals made to unwind, all emphasizing Sears as a true artist.

Sandwiched between Push Me Away and Glovebox are the heart and soul of anthemic tracks such as Bartender (featuring the Broomestix), Cool, and How Long Will U Love Me?. Each of these three tracks presents a vastly different feel to that of the introduction and conclusion of the track but holds a sick, head-bobbing worthy beat.

Landon, aside from his mixtape series, has previously released two albums, 88.1 (2021) and Autumn Icarus (2017). As an independent artist, Sears has managed to record three million streams on Spotify in 2020, and has featured in many successful tracks.

Be sure to check out Landon Sears’ latest release in his mixtape series, Call Collect 7, available now on all platforms. 

As promised, Landon Sears continues his mixtape series “Call Collect” with Call Collect 7. Call collect 7 serves as the perfect listen for any listeners on Summer evening. Featuring uptempo and energy-driven tracks such as Bartender (featuring the broomestix), Cool, and How Long Will U Love Me?, Call Collet 7 also leaves room for more chill/atmospheric tracks such as Push Me Away featuring Houston Kendrick and Glovebox. You can find Content and the private masters here.

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