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Los Angeles-based hardcore band MATRIARCHS has revealed a new video for the song “Eviscerate,” featuring Myke Terry of Volumes and Bury Your Dead. 

Says guitarist Ben Levi, “I’m excited to have been able to collaborate on this single with Myke Terry. He gave me an anthem about discovering the self-destructive patterns within us, recognizing them as the deceptive crutches that they are and ripping them out. This is an anthem about spiritual liberation.”


“Eviscerate” is available as a single through Levi’s Five Rings Productions, a company founded to assist bands in creation and delivery of musical content. Previous singles from MATRIARCHS are available through Five Rings Productions and feature guest vocalists such as Emmure‘s Frankie Palmeri and Neil Roemer of Downset and Cutthroat. Levi is continuing to write and collaborate with a variety of vocalists for future MATRIARCHSreleases. He is currently on tour in Europe with Evergreen Terrace, handling guitar duties for
Cutthroat, along with former members DownsetFirst Blood and Merauder.
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