Last Friday, I was lucky enough to party with one of the most promising hip-hop duos in the game: Earthgang. Sonically daring and experimental like OutKast, rowdy and exciting like Migos, yet iconic like T.I., the duo projects everything there is to know and love about the Atlanta hip-hop scene. 


Underneath Nashville’s Top Golf driving range, The Cowan was set up for Deep Tropics Music Art & Style Festival’s official pre-party. Olu and wowGr8 (previously Johnny Venus) showed up around 11:30 pm following promising performances by several local rappers, including up-and-coming Tim Gent and Bryant Taylorr, who all perfectly set the mood for Earthgang to tear the roof down. And that came quick. Only 15 minutes in, the duo drops classic “Missed Calls” to a howling sea of waving arms and stomping feet. Yet, that wasn’t enough for them. The next song was their biggest hit to date: “Meditate”.


And to finish us off without allowing a minute for the fans to catch a breath, the duo drops my personal favorite “Build” off of their latest solo album Royalty, which built up enough hype to lead them to be a fan favorite on the chart-topping Revenge of the Dreamers III

Royalty and Revenge of the Dreamers III have only built up the hype surrounding the much-anticipated major studio debut, set to drop any minute now. To only further tease us while fans anxiously wait, Earthgang brings up several fans to host a dance-off to one of their upcoming singles. Following this rolled out several cuts from their recent #1 collaborative effort (ROTD3): “Sacrifices”, “Down Bad”, “1993” and “Wells Fargo”, the latter of which almost caused a full-on riot (yes, I’m partly to blame).


And to close out, the group ends with their latest single “Proud Of U”, featuring recent #1 artist Young Thug. It goes without saying that this night is going to be one to reflect on for years to come, especially considering that they’re about to blow up. Watch out 2020 and beyond, because this is going to be Earthgang’s world and we’re all just living in it.



Written by Sam Harkey

Photography by Ish Picturesque

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