King Woman offer a final preview of their already critically-revered album Celestial Blues (July 30, Relapse Records) with the release of the song “Boghz.”

The track, one of the nine jaw-dropping songs on the album continues the riveting reveal of an album that’s quickly become one of heavy music’s most anticipated releases of the year. Vocalist, Kris Esfandiari, previously released a pair of videos showcasing the album’s diversity. The debut preview came via “Morning Star,” with ritualistic bloodbath, “Psychic Wound,” following. Both videos were directed by Muted Widows, in the stunningly chthonic and intense visuals to beautifully match the sound.

The upcoming album, Celestial Blues, was recorded in Oakland, California by GRAMMY-nominated engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Amenra, Oathbreaker). The band is rounded out by drummer Joseph Raygoza and guitar player Peter Arensdorf. Visual collaborations featured in the album packaging and surrounding imagery were created by Nedda Afsari, Collin Fletcher, and Jamie Parkhurst.

Beginning the single, “Boghz,” a steady guitar fingering builds into a heavy drum beat as Esfandiari’s chilling vocals blend into the scene. The track continues to build in intensity throughout, expressing the splitting of the soul, the painful experience where a toxic love slowly collides into itself.

It’s a tragic story about one ancient soul split in two separate bodies. Only knowing a sick and twisted version of love, one half nearly destroys the other. It’s about being at the mercy of a sadistic person who you have an undeniable psychic bond with.

~ Kris Esfandiari || King Woman

Regarding the meaning of “boghz,” as the word, its root was not discoverable by a mere Google search, but one finding showed a eerily similar meaning to the track– originally in Farsi: “an untranslatable word that describes the physical building of sorrow & pain in the throat or chest before crying” (1). This definition fits the track’s instrumentals and lyrics as the toxicity of the relationship builds before its explosion. “Look what you made me do/Get down on my hands and knees for you/You know this is a lie/Shot down by the arrows above.”

King Woman have scheduled a trio of mini-residencies in Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Oakland. Boy Harsher DJ and Rituals of Mine are amongst the openers for the upcoming shows.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding King Woman! Celestial Blues will be dropped on July 30th via Relapse Records. Listen to the new single, “Boghz,” now available on all streaming platforms, and pre-save the album here:

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