KESHI’s Documented Artistry: Available Now via Amazon Music

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Casey Luong, Houston’s cathartic composer now filmmaker, recognized as keshi, has always been a descendant of his artistry. By becoming what breaks, epitomizing the confining feelings of a numbing existence, the 27 year old jack-of-all-trades became the master of all. From a pipe dream upon the strings of his prepubescent guitar to 3.5 billion streams worldwide, keshi has perfected the art of the universal theme channeled through his fans, consciousness, and dejection.

An artist’s artist–a short phrase to describe the entity of keshi‘s distinction, and if you listen closely to his discography the brilliance writes itself on a timeline of ripening development. After signing with Island Records, it’s evident in his 2019, EP “skeletons,” that he was still unsure of who he we as an artist and human being–projected through his ambient vibrations of naivety. As he climbed the ladder of his career, the shackles from his day job seemed to crack and disintegrate through his next project “bandaids,” where comparable to his progression in the industry, his muse shifted inward.

As keshi prevailed we’ve had the opportunity to look at him for who he is with full transparency. Each record although different in its narrative follows a similar expansion among intrepid mediums, begging the question of drive–what drives keshi to these risks and how do they mutate into his euphoric blend of guitar inflicted pop meets lo-fi hip hop? As a gift from the mastermind to the self-reflective ponderers, keshi broke the fourth wall of his storming ideas in his newly released documentary, GABRIEL.

watch GABRIEL here

His magnum opus has earned acclaim across all platforms including NPR who stated “On his debut album GABRIELkeshi showcases a newfound confidence,” accompanied by the man with the plan in his Amazon Music distributed film, documenting his complex process of creating. Directed by Kenji Chong, the 27 minute film follows keshi from his search for varied gumption to the finale of his record.

Beginning with a conversation about a feared stagnation, keshi vulnerably confesses during a reflection concerning the similarity of his releases thus far. Following the standard steps of newly acclaimed artists, keshi found comfortability through outward feedback. A rhythm well-known to those who hypnotically fall at the feet of what works, subjugating himself to the people while losing himself. In a conjoined effort to dismantle that hierarchy of modern, quickly moving music, keshi revamped his process and invited many voices of critique and collaboration.

By embedding an assorted foundation of layered eclecticism and divorcing the foreboding energy of completion he was able to create a record that was unarguably him. Throughout the film we see keshi in his element–in complete control of what goes in, what comes out, and how he wants it to sound, an undeterred force of perseverance and dedication to his craft.

The extension of production served as a crutch to his desired time in the booth, giving him ample opportunity to personify the sounds in his brain and birth tracks of the unexpected. Throughout the album and film it is unclear which direction GABRIEL was headed musically, but that was the point. keshi is unforeseen and loose from the strains of his success, as developed through his record.

In lieu of his many artistic appendages, keshi will be on the road to share his craft on his HELL/HEAVEN tour beginning in September–making stops all across the globe. For more information visit here and listen to GABRIEL here, now available on all streaming platforms.

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