Keri Sreb Releases a Classy Diss on Men in New Song, Evil

On February 10, Keri Sreb released Evil. A song about men with pride issues, Sreb sings about a fragile ego and a man who talks to women to overcompensate for their insecurities. The smooth vocals combine with a continuous bass line to create a calm listening environment. The song is a clear diss, but in a maintained way that is classy. 

Beginning the song, the lyrics start with the line, “it’s not my fault you’re insecure”. This lyric removes the responsibility from the woman’s POV in the song, and holds the man’s fragility accountable, in a way. Continuing into the song, Sreb sings of a man who gaslights her and says there’s no reason to doubt. Sreb then turns it around and then calls the man out on his fragile ego, yet again. Evil is an anthem for women who have dealt with a man’s fragility and understand the feeling of dealing with it.

Listen to Evil, out now on all platforms!

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