If you think that dubstep has gone out of fashion, then you are mistaken. Musicians KEPIK and Liel Kolet have joined forces to release the epic dance track “Fighting For.”

Kevin Cheung, also known as KEPIK, is a San Francisco-based music producer. His music is known to mix different types of styles and genres in order to create a coherent artistic piece. He first came into prominence in 2022 after releasing his first EP Clearer Now through Ophelia Records. On the other hand, Liel Kolet is an Israeli singer-songwriter that has been performing since she was a child. Her introduction to an international audience came in 1998 after she sang a duet with former US President Bill Clinton. Since then, she has performed with world-known artists like Italian singer Andrea Bocelli. Aside from her musical career, she is a peace advocate.

The track has a running time of 4:35 and its instrumentals consists of an eclectic mix of glitchy synths, church bells, and choral backings. Add Kolet’s hauntingly beautiful vocals into the musical landscape and you have an audible tale of dystopian survival where the protagonist is called into action and begin their journey. Kolet urges the listeners to fight for what they believe and to refuse to back down in the face of injustice. She asks the listener what they are fighting for and suggests whether it is for a cause or a loved one that they have lost.

Tell me what you’re fighting for
I know this time you can’t hold back
Tell me what’s your driving force
I need to hear so I can understand

As the song closes, Kolet asks the question behind the listener’s causes and motives in order to stand in solidarity with them. Considering that Kolet is an advocate for humanitarian causes, the collaboration is a perfect anthem for standing up for justice.

Stream “Fighting For” on Spotify, as well as the rest of of KEPIK and Liel Kolet’s discography.

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