Driven by thespian intentions and commanding vocals, Kat Robichaud releases her first single for 2021. The founder of the Misfit Cabaret sings of a suffering soul searching for something to hold onto. With lyrics and power that drive a connection between Robichaud and her audience, she plunges into the internal battles of a chemical brain, delivering each delicately placed word with intention.

” . . . I guessed the riddle wrong,

I waited way too long

I’m holding on, I’m holding on

There’s no end to the falling

I keep falling over and over again

You keep calling

It’s the only thing

It’s all I need to keep surviving . . . “

Kat Robichaud, “Keep Surviving” lyrics

The video, captured in a one-shot take, presents intensity with a simplistic approach that directly compliments Robichaud’s vocals. Dressed in dramatic 8” inch heels and a halo crown, she passionately sings and slowly rises from the ground, introducing a strong subliminal message without the need for editing or complex movements. Despite having more footage than what was kept in the final product, and even after having plans to release another video, Robichaud accurately states, “I think the stillness of the video is perfect for “Keep Surviving”.

She also briefly shares on the creation of the song, “I wrote it two years ago, and ironically, it’s coming out on the one-year anniversary of Misfit Cabaret’s last live show. They say “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.” 

Stream Kat Robichaud’s new song, “Keep Surviving”, available now on all platforms!

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