A Look into Kameron Masullo’s “Algor Mortis” from Latest Album

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East Coast based musician Kameron Masullo recently dropped their debut album, Sundowning. While fusing rock, Latin rhythm, and brooding melancholic sounds with upbeat rhythms and emotional, often dark lyrical themes, his debut album Sundowning describes his experiences with drug addiction and the long path towards recovery. We take a look into their single, “Algor Mortis” from the album.

When talking of “Algor Mortis,” Masullo states that the song is about what his life was like when drugs had ruined all of his relationships with others, “and I just stewed in my quiet house with nothing to think about except how miserable I was, and nothing to do except drink myself to sleep.” The single seems to process those lonely thoughts, all while struggling to break free with the upbeat rhythm of the track. It is a unique contrast between dark thematics and upbeat musical elements.

Stream the single here:

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