On December 30th, DMV rapper Joe Reidy dropped his new single, “Adjacent.” “Adjacent” is an incredible song that is equal parts uplifting and devastating. Those two extremes even out to create something that is reminiscent of the late Mac Miller (hence the post title).

What makes “Adjacent” outstanding is the beat. The lyrics are good, don’t get me wrong. Reidy is a solid lyricist. But his production is next level. Taking cues from Nujabes and the early work of DJ Abilities (of Eyedea & Abilities fame), the beat centers around a summery guitar and drum loop. It sometimes feels like “Lo-Fi Chill Hop Beats to Study / Relax To,” (thank you, BoJack Horseman), but that’s where the lyricism and flow comes in. Reidy’s lyrics are both inspirational and realistic, and the flow he uses comes straight from Mac but fits in his production style perfectly.

“Adjacent” is a reminder to “Keep it simple in a world gone crazy.” Better days will come our way. As Reidy says in the song, “Find something in the middle. Find peace in the little things.”

Check out “Adjacent” below, and let us know what you think!

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