Jazz Singer Ori Dagan Explains: Whether You Like it or Not, You’re “Googleable!”

From Jazz singer Ori Dagan’s new album Click Right Here, “Googleable” is a love song to the search engine Google. This is the second version of the song, as the first version first recorded and came out in 2012. The original was Dagan’s first ever music video, one that was shown at film festivals around the world, which can be viewed here.

Overall, recording artist Ori Dagan can be perfect described as an original. His rich baritone voice and impressive abilities as an improviser produce an instantly recognizable sound. In live performance, he surrounds himself with Canada’s finest musicians, performing an engaging mix of material which is always fresh and in the moment. He is not only an incredible musician, but as a filmmaker, he has had his films screened at 15 film festivals, and was able to earn the “Best Educational Jazz Short” award at the inaugural New York City Jazz Film Festival.

Photo Credit: Jen Squires

The main difference from the original to the new version is most definitely the pace, as version 2.0 moves along much faster and gives a more upbeat mood overall. 2022’s release also has a completely renovated melody, now adding a plethora of horn instruments, really cementing the humor of how everything known to mankind can be googled. Asking questions such as ‘how do I delete my cookies?,’ ‘what’s the most effective diet?,’ and ‘is life a cosmic joke?,’ “Googleable” opens your eyes to the reality of the Internet while giving its audience a good chuckle in its lesson. A funky keyboard and incredibly entertaining vocals also go miles in showcasing the boundless amount of creative freedom put into the song, the cherry on the top being that it’s even self aware, asking in the last lines “and if you`re looking for the lyrics to this song, well you know where to find them” (which is exactly what I did!). Recreating jazz in front of our very eyes, “Googleable” creates an unforgettable experience that can only be unique to the excellence retrieved from Dagan’s comedic and inventive brain.

Ori Dagan can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.

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