Jamie Miller’s Debut EP Broken Memories Is The Heart Break Album For This Spring

Looking for an EP full of emotional yet catchy songs? Then give Jamie Miller’s new EP, Broken Memories a listen.

Broken Memories encapsulates the sadness, the longing, and the feeling that everything will be okay after a break up, with Miller’s strong and powerful vocals bringing the songs to life. 

The EP starts off with “Last Call”,”  a hopeful and upbeat song that’s perfect for when it’s time to move on to something better. This was a recent single released before Broken Memories dropped, and Miller had the opportunity to perform it live on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

 Watch the music video for “Last Call” here:

“Longer,” the second song on Broken Memories, expresses that wish to experience “forever” with that person. In the lyrics, Miller sings about, “If we done met when we were younger/ Would’ve had more time making memories.” “Longer” perfectly captures those feelings of wanting to spend one more moment with that person, as it hurts thinking that they aren’t around anymore. 

The next song, “Here’s Your Perfect,” is a slow ballad depicting Miller moving on from the relationship. He states, “But you won’t see me break, call you up in three days/ Or send you a bouquet, saying, ‘It’s a mistake’.” Miller also did a duet with salem ilese for “Here’s Your Perfect”.

“I Lost Myself in Loving You,” the first single off Broken Memories, is one of the more heartfelt and emotional songs. Miller’s vocals take center stage as he exclaims in the chorus, “I lost myself in loving you, in loving you/ Became someone else I never knew, I never knew/ I was there when you needed saving/ But you wouldn’t do the same thing.”

Watch the music video for “I Lost Myself in Loving You” here:

 “It Is What It Is” is fast paced, bringing a lot of energy after the more emotional songs of Broken Memories. The song starts with Miller’s voice and acoustic guitar building up until the climax of the chorus, when the rest of the band joins in. 

Watch the music video for “It Is What It Is” here:

The last song on the EP, “Over You,” explores the tumultuous timeline that comes with getting over a break up, serving as a great reminder that healing takes time. It describes the confusion of believing everything’s done and over with, just to be hit with a new wave of pain.  Lyrics such as, “I hate that you still cross my mind/ Memories that we created/ By now I thought would have faded” emphasize this point. The chorus is Miller’s realization that healing doesn’t happen in a logical manner, “But I guess this is not how it works/ When you put somebody first.” 

Overall, Broken Memories is the EP to put on this spring when feeling the gut-wrenching emotions of heartbreak. The track list showcases the ups and downs when dealing with a break up, emphasizing that it’s okay if healing doesn’t happen in a linear fashion, as it rarely ever does. 

You can go ahead and give Broken Memories a listen here. Jamie Miller is also currently on tour through June 25th, and more information about dates and tickets can be found on Jamie Miller’s Official Site.

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