Jake Scott, “She’s Not You” Out 07.22

With the warm weather completely engulfing us by now, there’s still a ton more surprises left in its sleeve. A lot like DC’s Zatanna, there are still a bunch of colors left to unleash especially if you gaze your wandering eyes in the world of music. Whether it’s an upcoming tour, festival, music video, or interview they will instantly draw us in. That’s because it’s a universal language, bringing us all together regardless of who we are. It’s a uniting force that keeps our civilization sane and running. 

The same feels and sentiments permeate through the stratosphere as LA based pop singer/ songwriter Jake Scott announced his upcoming single entitled “She’s Not You”. Releasing this Friday June 22nd, this also comes bundled with a live performance video that’ll leave us in the throes of musical glory. A constant occurrence given that Jake knows his way around tunes, notes and lyrics meant to touch the soul in a gentle manner. In addition to his mastery, the heart and sincerity he has also shines through making each song released as if it was written for our ears only. See his last track “She Likes It” with country star Russell Dickerson for a quick sampling. 

To presave “She’s Not You”, click the link here. This also comes with first access to tickets for his upcoming tour which will be announced very soon. 

On the heels of his critically acclaimed “She Likes It”, a debut guesting on no other than Good Morning America, an incoming tune “She’s Not You” topped with a healthy helping of a US tour on the horizon. Jake Scott is walking that path to stardom and we’re all excited to see it all unfold before our very eyes. Very much comparable to seeing a beautiful sunflower blossom in our backyard.

Looking for more Jake Scott to go along with this summer heat? If so, head on over to his official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, accounts for more content that’ll surely get you hooked! 

See ya! 

Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.
Illustrator and writer who loves music, arts and pop culture as a whole.

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