Like the title of his debut album, Jake Adler is only 26. Yet in three years, he has already amassed 3+ million streams across multiple music platforms and risen to prominence under the moniker Adler XCVI. Now, with his latest track, “Superhero,” Adler looks to return to his musical roots, pose philosophical questions and delve into the machinations of his immensely creative mind. In the vein of similar artists like Ed Sheeran, Adler effortlessly mixes acoustic sounds with pop beats to create a track that is simultaneously driven yet laid back. There’s an authenticity and sincerity to Adler not just in his beautiful vocals, but also his thoughtful, genuine lyrics about putting on a mask to hide oneself: “I’m tired of covering my face / And cutting my hair / And hiding my cape / I’m tired of walking around / And blending in with the crowd / Did you ever stop to think I’m not your average joe / I could be a superhero for all you know.” It’s a sentiment that’s dear to Adler’s heart, as he states:

“In movies, superheroes are often depicted as normal citizens with regular lives, stable jobs, and typical families who harbor this profound power. As I continue to navigate life and my professional career outside of music, I often wish my peers and colleagues could see under the vail, and appreciate my creative side. I often feel like a superhero who isn’t allowed to reveal themself.”

Adler doesn’t come to any definitive answers by the end of his single, but he doesn’t really need to — with “Superhero,” he’s already proven that he can craft a catchy pop song as well as, and sometimes better than, many others in the music industry. Considering the track appears toward the end of his impressive debut, 26 — which releases today — it’s definitely worth checking out the LP in its entirety, and looking forward to more from this promising talent.

Be sure to check out Jake Adler on SoundCloud, TikTok, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram and jakeadlermusic.com.

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