Jacob Mondry Relays Sweet Words of Uninhibited Love in “Poetry”

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Singer/songwriter/healer Jacob Mondry originally hails from Detroit, MI, and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. He started his music career in 2018 after he was deeply moved from seeing a Facebook post about a 5-year-old girl having open-heart surgery for the third time. He reached out to the girl’s parents, sang for their daughter in-person, and upon seeing her instantly cheered-up, his eyes were opened to how music can help the healing journey of hospital patients.

Since then, Jacob has partnered with the non-profit organization, The Art of Elysium, to bring his music to hospitals and assisted-living centers all over Los Angeles. He recently became an Elias Music / Universal Music Group sync license artist after they heard his single, “Color Me Blue,” which has received numerous accolades and write-ups for its authenticity.

His latest single, “Poetry,” was inspired by the love he witnessed between two of his friends and their recent first child. He had never seen anyone look at someone the way they looked at their son and wanted to capture the depth of their love in words. While nothing initially seemed to measure up, he found a way to describe it using metaphors: their love is poetry.

The sweet acoustics of guitar and piano lay the foundation for the elegantly loving song. Jacob sings in a smooth tone as he weaves together lyrics painting the picture of beauty through the eye of the beholder. The enchanting chorus draws out the metaphor: “If there’s a metaphor to say ‘I love you more than anything’ / To me, you’re poetry.” Rolling instrumentals continue to balance the delicate vocals, uplifting the beautiful lyrics. “Poetry” is the perfectly soothing song that will warm your heart; it’s love in its purest form.

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