Jack White brings 2 Nights of “The Supply Chain Issues” Tour to Nashville, Tennessee

For the nights of April 30th and May 1st, Jack White brought 2 Nights of his “The Supply Chain Issues” tour to Nashville, Tennessee. As an avid fan of White, The White Stripes, Third Man Records.. all of White’s projects to sum it up – I was very excited about the opportunity to not only attend but share my thoughts on this show. To start off, I think it only makes sense to point out that if there was a roof to have been blown-off at Ascend Amphitheater, it would’ve been!

When entering the venue, there were ambassadors asking for your phone, stating that Jack White is asking for a “phone-less” evening. Upon providing your mobile, they would put it in a fabric pocket that locked up. On your way out, they would unlock it for you.

Staying true to his colors (ha-ha), the stage was decorated completely in blue. Everything down to Daru’s drumsticks, Jack’s guitar cables, were blue. This is nothing out of the ordinary for following-fans to recognize, as White has always preached his love for color schemes and their importance in artistry. He debuted this passion with The White Stripes – everything strictly being white, black and red.

The show began with his MC/DJ of the tour playing some tunes, going on to announce Jack White’s performance was beginning. His MC/DJ stand resembled a preacher’s booth- which only meant one thing, Jack White was ready to take us to church. Suddenly, a massive dark-blue curtain raising, to reveal Jack on stage with a 3 piece accompanying band. I was pretty surprised to see this as every time I have seen him live, he usually has at least 5 performers with him on stage. Nonetheless, the band performed flawlessly. Jack’s ability with any instrument he touches demonstrates his mastered talents. White is well known for performing without a setlist, which requires extensive rehearsal and preparation from his supporting talent. That fact alone always blows me away to watch him and his team perform top tier shows, all following his lead. For this tour, he is supported by Daru Jones on drums, Dominic John Davis on bass, and Quincy McCrary on keys.

Photo by David James Swanson

As you’ll notice in the photos, there wasn’t a phone in sight. In an era of everyone being attached to their devices, Jack White was able to successfully have a night without them along with thousands of others. It made me think things like, “when was the last time I was at a show where I didn’t see a phone in my face?” and it really threw me back to my early childhood. While I was sad I couldn’t at least take one video for the memories, it was very nice to just truly enjoy that “escape” that concerts provide from your day-to-day life and fully be in the moment of the show at all times.

I was expecting this show to feature mostly his latest album Fear of Dawn, but was pleasantly surprised with the setlist which was a medley of sorts, combining performances across his discography. He played hits such as A Martyr For My Love For You (The White Stripes), I Cut Like A Buffalo (Dead Weather), Apple Blossom (The White Stripes), High Ball Stepper (Jack White). While I loved Fear of Dawn, it was a treat getting to see all of these songs live again. It felt like a great way to celebrate live music being back: hearing songs that were making their debut far before pre-pandemic, with songs that were made and shared during. It truly seemed like a great blend of old and new, which really brought it home.

You won’t want to miss if “The Supply Issues” Tour comes your way, so be sure to grab tickets now! You can find tickets + all tour dates here, on his website https://jackwhiteiii.com/tour-dates/.

View the complete photo albums here.

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