After his cheerful feel-good set on the second day of Breakaway Music Festival, Glasse was able to step aside with up and coming rapper Kid Quill for a quick interview to ask some questions and get some personal answers about his music. Newer to the professional music scene, Kid Quill shared with us that he has been making music for only three years, since 2016, where he executive produces and writes his own lyrics. Although his focus on music didn’t pick up until after his college career, the knack for creating raps and lyrics had always been there. “When I was in high school my favorite stuff was like literature, I really like writing and I really liked etymology.” This interest bled over into his music career and the genuine authenticity of his lyrics shows it. When discussing his writing process for most of his music, Kid Quill told Glasse “I just kind of write my verse, but I write it in my head, I don’t actually write it down… We actually do beats first. We just try to make the most fire beat that we can, and I’ll put a song to it.”



As mentioned in his music, Kid Quill looks up to too many artists for influences in his music. One of those artists, in particular, is Chance the Rapper, which is definitely heard through the trumpets and kids’ choir-like vocal harmonies in the background of songs like “A Song to Sing” and “Dose of Reality”. After talking with Kid Quill more about his influences, he shared with us that he is influenced by every genre but his latest album was really inspired by the 70s and 80s music. “I fell in love with it. I hadn’t grown up with that type of music so I really just dove in and just like tried to learn all of the rhythms and the different sounds they would use and different song patterns and that type of stuff.”


Having a total of three albums currently, we were curious to know what Kid Quill’s intent for each one was and if they were related to each other or were all something different and individual projects. “I think they’re all kind of different. I like to visualize my music and the first album has got this raw kind of glossy feel, but then the next album completely kind of switches up and it is more like fun and just like less polished. And this new album we just tried to wrap it all together and just put like one big ribbon on the whole sound that I tried to create.”

Since this album wrapped it all together, Kid Quill shared with us that he will just be touring off of this album for a little while because his fans and his whole team “really believe in the quality of the project” and want to do the best they can the longest that they can for it. However, he did share with us that he is working on some collaborations that are pretty out of the box for him. To end the interview on an exciting cliffhanger, he gave us a little hint that there will be an EDM collab and its pretty exciting stuff to look forward to.


Interview Coverage by Gabrielle Lasater

Photography by Ana Leonard

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