Progressive rock is what some might call the last bastion of classic rock. As a genre, it has divided fans since its birth in the late 1960’s, but no one can deny it is a technical, impressive genre that has given music some of its brightest and most most talented stars. And while there are fewer bands within the niche genre than in its heyday, there are still modern groups that carry the torch proudly and create songs unmistakable for anything else. Such is the case with Polyphia and their latest lead-up to their fourth studio album, “Neurotica.”

Originally from Texas, Polyphia are a four-piece prog-rock instrumental group in the vein of Yes, or the more modern Animals As Leaders. With their debut album in 2014, they were immediately hailed as a cut above other all-instrumental bands for their catchy songs and technically-impressive arrangements that fused rock, metal and even jazz into their sound. Now, on their upcoming LP, Remember That You Will Die, Polyphia have unveiled the album’s second track, “Neurotica” — a banger of a song that embodies everything about the group at their finest. Part of the reason the song sounds so good can be attributed to Polyphia’s song-writing process, as lead guitarist Tim Henson explains:

“I’ve been a firm believer, even before I picked this [Ibanez Talman] up, that when you compose something, it should sound good and complete in its most bare state … Once it sounds good by itself, you can add whatever you want in post-production, or move it to a guitar with a whammy bar. If it sounds good on [a nylon-string], it’s most likely going to sound good on anything.”

Upon first listen, “Neurotica” sounds like it should have lyrics or that it’s a cover of a song that contains vocals. But impressively, the track does away with all notions of conventionality as it maintains its rage beat for over three minutes, utilizing bits and pieces of so many modern-day tracks. There’s a bit of metal, a smattering of jazz, clear inspiration from electronica — and it’s all mixed together in a song that is instantly recognizable and stuck in one’s brain after a single listen. Breaking even more ground is the music video for “Neurotica,” which sees the group performing the song on instruments, and wearing facing masks designed one-of-a-kind, by multidisciplinary artist Nusi Quero — who has worked with the likes of Beyoncé, Grimes and Kylie Jenner. With its fusion-based sound and striking accompanying visuals, “Neurotica” ensures that it will live on as one of the most wholly unique songs in recent memory.

Polyphia’s upcoming fourth studio album, Remember That You Will Die, will be released sometime in the latter half of 2022 — stay tuned for details as they come. The band also just finished their summer-long North America tour in their home state of Texas last weekend. Be sure to get excited for Polyphia’s new work by listening to “Neurotica” below!

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