Independent Hip-Hop Artist and Sneaker Brand Partner to Bring Hope, Secret Show and Make History

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Nashville-based, independent music artist, Breion Terrance Eugene Dixon, also known as 2’Live Bre, launched an exclusive sneaker collection with streetwear shoe company, BLANX. As their first U.S. collaboration, Breion and BLANX, a global self-expressive brand with social impact embed in their brand DNA, are making moves and history as one of the first independent music artists to have his own shoe brand.

During the pandemic many artists took a finical loss due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Breion found a way to turn a difficult time into a source of hope and inspiration. During the pandemic, he graduated from Tennessee State University after coming off of his first tour on the west coast and an appearance on the popular Netflix TV Show, Rhythm and Flow.

Seeking new ways to express himself creatively beyond five lines and four spaces, Breion partnered with BLANX to create a shoe that represents hope. Breion says, “this shoe is a reminder to the world to have hope in a time that can seem hopeless.” The shoe’s design nods to his story of overcoming depression and anxiety. The sneaker collection inspired by his Butterfly Nation movement showcases not only his deep-rooted love for words, music, rhyming, but also his unusual vulnerability about depression and mental health detailed in his latest album entitled Butterfly Effect. His allure with butterflies derives from his personal journey to wellbeing.

As the first sneaker release in a series unveiling the lifecycle of a butterfly, Breion’s collection, aptly entitled Hope, illustrates the first phase of a butterfly’s evolution in which hope is literally born. Inscribed on each Hope shoe, choice lyrics from his Butterfly single, I know I’m a seed. I’m tryna see my flower bloom.”

BLANX captures the voice of a purpose-minded generation through collaborations with activist creators, like Breion, and each collection joins force with a social impact. BLANX says, “We are standing at a crossroads. Every choice we make today will make an enormous difference in the near future. The first step towards positive change is on us.”

Ten percent of all sales will support the Dixon Foundation to support the Butterfly Creatives Camp.

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