Ignorance Doesn’t Always Bring Bliss, Realized in Stephen Flickner’s “Next to Nothing”

Released today, “Next to Nothing” is a song by Stephen Flickner that starts acoustically, slowly, and by the chorus hits you with a wall of sound, only to take you back out of it and throw you back into it again. This follows releases such as Flickner’s debut EP in 2016 Remember This, and more recently, a catchy single titled “Never Played The Game!” in 2020.

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The track follows the aimless walk through life that comes with ignorance, and documents the events that follow as everything that once had color fade to black and grey. It takes a step back, and relishes in the importance of companionship, realizing that a world that revolves around you is one of loneliness and little meaning. The song shifts from an acoustic to a more rock sound once questions are asked, and the desire for change is fully brought to light. The song is at is best in the moments where it purposely plays with more than one genre, but mixes them together in such a matter that’s satisfying hear and worthwhile to fall in love with. The vocals are also clear, easy to sympathize with, and emotive in such a manner that matches the mood of every second perfectly.

“Next to Nothing” is now available on Spotify and Soundcloud, and Stephen Flickner can be followed for more on Instagram.

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