How the Heart Aches and Reaches Out For Affection: A “Want” We Can’t Control

“Want” is the fourth single from NYC-based folk artist Where’s Beth, and is the official release day single for her debut EP For My Mom & Other Lovers. “Want” provides a more contemporary indie folk sound than her previous tracks, recalling the likes of Andrew Bird and Neko Case. As always, lead singer Sarabeth Weszely’s vocals and pointed, poetic lyrics are the focus. She is vulnerable in her lyricism and playful in her performance, it is a through-line vulnerability that makes Where’s Beth’s music appealing to folk lovers worldwide.

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“Want” is simple yet gorgeously relatable to many audiences, especially due to the events that kept us home for the last two years. The track keeps a persistent and charming acoustic melody, and with each verse this melody evolves, first featuring the gentle shake of maracas, to being fully bloomed with glamourous string instrumentals. Here, Where’s Beth delves deep into her desires, like having a full house and a peaceful mind. Loneliness, something that became very prevalent with the pandemic, is the biggest struggle featured, as it is the hardest to overcome. It’s something nobody wants, but everyone experiences. It’s a constant in people’s lives, and “Want” lists the brutality of this fact and expands upon it, as from loneliness, desires develop. As stated, the vocal performance is the definite highlight featured and is overall what makes this track utterly delightful.

Where’s Beth can be found for more on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

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