“I want to provide a platform where people can easily find new heat coming out of our Lone Star State” is the mission statement of Kyle Kosanovich, founder of Good Junkie Records.

Kyle Kosanovich is an avid music fan -mainly rock and metal- and has been heavily involved in the Texas metal scene for quite some time now. Kyle has made his way around to almost every show of the bands he adores when they make their way through Texas, meeting tons of like-minded metalheads at each show. Bands like Deftones and Machine Head helped shape Kyle’s personality and drive him deeper into the rabbit hole that is the metal scene.

As he started to discover more music and bands, Kyle’s passion for music grew exponentially. His taste soon branched out into the Hardcore scene, where you find bands like Knocked Loose, Vein, or various other bands mostly still in their humble beginnings with very few people who’ve heard their name. Those bands have the attention of Kyle, and his love for their craft inspired him to show his support in a very direct way: start his own metal record label. 

GoodJunkie Records, who’s name is derived from Glassjaw’s “All Good Junkies Go to Heaven,” is Mr. Kosanovich’s contribution to the music scene he knows and loves. Going show-to-show supporting local bands in what they do and building relationships with them.

Kyle has already signed multiple Texas bands to his label, giving them a chance to spread their messages to the masses, and also showcasing and promoting them online (check them out on Bandcamp, links below). GoodJunkie Records’ goal is to keep the local bands on physical mediums of music, such as CDs and vinyl for fans and supporters alike.

The overwhelming support and sheer passion GJR puts out for these hardcore bands is what keeps people interested. Kyle lives and breathes what he does and there is no doubt his work will not only take him far but the bands he works with and underground metal as a whole.

Kyle has just wrapped up the release of a split EP of Cease All Control and Grit, called ‘Red Split.’ Having prepped all of the physical copies by hand, his contributions go very appreciated by the community and it’s his passion that’s going to keep the metal underground thriving for years to come.

Show some support to Kyle with GoodJunkie Records and his bands:

GoodJunkie Records – campsite.bio/gjrtx @goodjunkie_recordstx on Instagram

Otis the Axe – otistheaxe.bandcamp.com

Au Contraire –aucontraire.bandcamp.com

Grit – grittx.bandcamp.com

Cease All Control – cactxhc.bandcamp.com

By: Luke Brooks @luckylukephotos


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  • JAK
    3 years ago Reply

    Love the commitment that Kyle has to his music scene. He does a lot to support the bands with no expectations of his own benefit.

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