This past Friday, acclaimed singer-songwriter Catie Turner dropped her new EP, Heartbroken and Milking It. After a run of successful singles like “Play God,” “Hide And Seek,” “Mama,” and “Therapy,” Turner dropped the full EP, her first since 2019’s The Sad Vegan. Leaning into the heartbreak that gave her the material to write “i luv him,” Heartbroken and Milking It sees Turner reminisce over a failed relationship and try to figure out what exactly went wrong.

The first two tracks, the singles “Play God” and “Therapy,” set the tone for the whole EP. Sonically, they mix pop production with alternative rock instrumentation, and lyrically, “Play God” discusses the pain of trying to find a former love in other people while “Therapy” talks about someone trying to turn her into their therapist. However, as good as these songs are, the high point of the EP is the third track, “Love on the Moon.”

“Love on the Moon” showcases Catie Turner’s voice and lyricism like none of the other songs here. She talks about trying to become somebody new for the person she wants to be with while they’re asking for space to figure things out, and the pain is evident in her voice. It’s the kind of song that gets so specific in its universality that it feels wholly unique. The “Fireside Acoustic” version posted to YouTube proves that Turner sounds amazing without the previously mentioned production, so be sure to listen to that as well.

“Funeral” continues the heartbroken theme with excellent vocals and lyricism – a common occurrence across this EP – but the production focuses more on the use of electric guitar. If one were to rank this “Funeral” among all the other songs named “Funeral,” this would definitely crack the top 5, possibly the top 3. “Push You Away” sees Turner trying to get the opportunity to push her ex away like she used to when she would get “emotional,” and “(Wish I Didn’t Have to) Lie” discusses all the things that have been ruined for her in the breakup. 

Overall, this is an EP that can and will make those with broken hearts feel connected to someone even when they feel alone. It has phenomenal production, and Catie Turner is an excellent storyteller and singer. It’s absolutely worth your time, and I would be remiss to not push it as hard as I can. While not exactly in the same musical vein as Frances Forever, Catie Turner is in a similar position, and I’d love to see them both have long and successful careers.

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