Having a Mid-Life Crisis in Your Twenties: Rosie Dean’s “Bitter”

Rosie Dean is a singer/songwriter, actor, and model in New York City. She just dropped her debut EP titled All Grown Up on April 1st, 2022, and is beyond excited to be fully “doing the music thing.” “Bitter” in particular is the track has been credited as one of the favorites off the project, as it addresses getting older in a unique but universal manner.

Photo by: @photobydarrencementina on Instagram

All about having a mid-life crisis in your twenties, Dean expresses how much she misses her youth, how high school crushes aren’t a thing anymore, and how relentless the clock is once you’re no longer interested in toys. Although this is true, she also realizes the importance of addressing what good about our adult lives, like hangover Sundays and experiencing love’s fullest potential. Overall, the song highlights the importance of remembering that our lives have a much longer span than we initially think, and if we change due to maturity or other circumstances, then so be it.

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