Grey Area presents Mau P’s NYC debut at Superior Ingredients

Grey Area – the promotion group – brought Mau P to Brooklyn for his first ever show in the NYC area, with support from Miss Dre and Local Singles. Making a name for himself with hits like Drugs from Amsterdam and Gimme That Bounce, this was a highly-anticipated show. With tickets selling out at a rapid rate, the re-sale prices continued to raise as the show date got closer and closer.

The “climate controlled, glass enclosed rooftop” Superior Ingredients, lived up to the hype, with a beautiful view of Manhattan’s skyline behind the booth for the crowd to enjoy as the DJs performed. In addition, the temperature was perfect for a winter show – not too warm or too cold. It was the perfect venue for this iconic debut. To top it off – the door was manned well with no one left in the cold outside in line, the open air kept the crowd feeling refreshed as they danced, and while the room was packed – there was still room to dance.

Photo by Alex Mars @alexxmarss_

Mau’s performance was a treat for house fans. It’s taken awhile for the US to catch onto the underground sounds of Europe, but this performance made me reminiscent of my earlier rave days in Northern Europe – which are very happy memories. He brought the grit of the Dutch underground scene across the pond with him – showcasing techy bootlegs of hits such as Roses by Outkast, Another One Bites the Dust, and so on. With the bootlegs sprinkled in-between his own hits, the crowd didn’t stop dancing throughout his roughly 3-hour set from 7:30pm to 10:00pm.

To close out his set, he included a voice memo from one of the promoters talking about how packed out the room was going to be. This was a playful stunt by Mau, that aligned perfectly with the story behind Drugs from Amsterdam – where he snagged an audio clip of Amsterdam’s metro to use as the build up. While his sound differs from Fred Again… drastically, I can’t help but draw some similarities in their creativity styles with how they sample clips from their day-to-day life and surrounding peers.

It’s safe to say – if you are a fan of house – Mau P’s XXX tour is not one you’ll want to miss. Be sure to grab tickets to the remaining dates while you can!

Alex Mars Editor
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Alex Mars Editor
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